Munich WearableDataHack 2015

June 19-21, 2015

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Munich Wearable Data Hack 2015

The Wearable Data Hack Munich 2015 is the first hack day on wearable tech applications, data and design.

We aim to kick-off app development for the emerging smartwatch and wearable tech market. The Wearable Data Hack Munich 2015 will be the first occasion for most of the participants to share their views and ideas and jointly gather experience with the new data realm.

Apple calls the Apple Watch “Our most personal device ever”. And with good cause: The data from wearable tech, smartphones and smartwatches are really the most personal data ever. Our mobile devices accompany every step we take, every move we make. A plentitude of sensors on the devices draw multidimensional pictures of our daily lives. Applications of wearable data range from fitness to retail, from automotive to health. There is hardly an industry that cannot make direct use of it. And yet, wearable apps are still in their childhood.

Telling the stories of people’s lives

Wearable data is not an end in itself. Data is the raw material of our behavior. After data has been collected it has to be analyzed. There are algorithms which define the semi-finished results - these have to be enriched with other, contextual data. Analyzed, and enriched data result in stories describing our own lives.

Data & Design

For decades, designers have been seeking to design products to meet the seemingly never-ending rise of consumption. Since then, we appear to have evolved from an industrial economy to a knowledge- and data-driven economy. New models of thinking and new patterns of behavior and social values appear. Design thinking seems to provide some answers – it focuses on a human-centered approach, which combines design activities with research on human needs, and technological and business aspects, in order to create knowledge and solutions for highly complex problems.

We invite hackers and designers to meet each other, to discuss and find ways of using data in order to tell the people’s lives and create examples of socially relevant technology.


Full-day of workshops, hands-on experience, hacking and debugging. Come and tame your favourite technology!


Full-day freestyle hackathon! Want some real team building on friday? Grab your team and join our hackathon!


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Android Wear & Apple Watch

Wearable apps - apps that use the smartphone itself as wearable gadget. We want to see apps that work without additional hardware, just with the data the phone collects via its sensors.


Data-driven wearables

Wearables means apps that go with them. We want to explore how data can make apps more interactive and more reacting to people's lives' contexts: Apps that do not just display some data visualisation but make real use of the data.


Data-driven business models for wearables

Old school business models relied on the management's experiences and gut feeling. Consumer generated data provide a new perspective:

  • From guessing to knowing
  • From ABC audiences to individual targeting.
  • How can we implement data-driven approaches in our business models to make the best use of the collected data?.


User Experience

Technology is not an end in itself - it’s a means to make the world a better place.
Technology should be socially relevant available for everybody easy to understand and participate personalized, individualized.
The best technology is as good as users get hold of it How can we optimize the user experience to ensure the best possible use of data-driven technology?


mHealth / Medical Data

We see the doctor when we feel ill and we tell her about the symptoms. Equipped with our own bodies’ data we could provide the doctor with a significantly more accurate description of our illness. Even before we get sick, we could detect the very first signs of getting sick - and could prevent the sickness before it arrives. How could we collect medical data and provide it to medical experts in a lean and secure way?


Open Data / Shared Data

Open Data / Shared Data
Wearable data for the public good
Environmental tracking
Social research
How can we improve living in cities with wearable data?


Stylight’s lofty office

well established as one of Munich's coolest venues for Hackathons and perfectly suited to accommodate up to 100 participants.


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